The Forum School

The Forum School is a private, non-profit, non-sectarian day program for developmentally atypical children through 21 years of age.

The Forum School offers a therapeutic educational environment for children who cannot be accommodated in a public school setting. Psycho-educational and behavioral techniques are utilized along with a structured, developmentally stimulating curriculum appropriate to each student's level. Classes, which are ungraded, are small, with a ratio of at least one adult for every two children.

Teachers, administrators, and consulting staff collaborate with the student's Child Study Team and parents to develop an Individualized Educational Program addressing his/her specific needs.

Recent News

De”LICK”iosos Dog Treats now available

Please go to our FLYERS page to order your De”LICK”iosos Dog treats now to support our L.I.F.T. program. Thank you.


MONDAY – Pajama Day
Tuesday – Decades Day (see assigned decades belowP
Ariel, Danielle, Doreen, Alisha, Helen – 70′s
Lenore, Ken, Joe, Beverly – 90′s
Laura, Ann, Linda, Connie, Mady – 60′s
Amanda, Alex, Brendan, Tom, Michele – 80′s
Speech, JoAnn T, Therapies (OT, PT, etc.) – 50′s
Administration, Nurses & Office Staff – 70′s
Wednesday – Favorite Team T-Shirt Day (Pro, College, or High School)
Thursday – Crazy Hat Day
Friday – Wear your Walk-A-Thon Shirt. School Spirit Day!


Doodle 4 Google Contest

Seven students entered art work in the Doodle 4 Google contest this year. It is our second year participating in this event. The students did an amazing job with the theme, “If I could invent one thing to make the world a better place.” Their beautiful art work is on display in school, so stop by, take a peek, and keep your fingers crossed!


The departmental spent their most recent CBI experience learning how to work well with others. Each homeroom was paired with a younger peer in Alisha, Ariel, Danielle and Doreen’s classes. They were to read a story and complete a related art project. It was a wonderful experience for all the students involved!

CBI Bake Sale

The departmental is having a small bake sale every Wednesday afternoon in the resource room. Large homemade apple and mini cherry pies are made during our morning CBI lesson. Come support our program and try a DELICIOUS pie!


The Forum School has begun a partnership with Green Visions Inc. Students who are 16 and older are receiving valuable workplace instruction and experience. At the same time they are able to provide a valuable service to our community by dismantling and recycling computer and other electronic equipment.

Crayola’s Colorcycle Program

Our school is participating in Crayola’s Colorcycle Program.

Old, used markers were collected from all the classes at The Forum School. Beverly’s class boxed the used markers and sent them back to Crayola where they were recycled and converted into ultra-clean fuel.
We will continue to do our part in diverting waste from landfill!

2013-2014 School Calendar

Please click on the following link to the new school calendar for Sept – June 2013-2014.

Please refer to our “FLYERS” PAGE for the latest flyers that have gone home.


The departmental classes took a trip to Israel Bernbaum’s art exhibit at Montclair State University. This exhibit was filled with paintings depicting the Warsaw uprising during WWII. The students are currently studying the Holocaust and have read about Irena Sendler – a woman who rescued 2,500 children from the Warsaw ghetto. We learned a lot from this exhibit and would like to thank Ms. Caitlin Popp for speaking to us about the paintings.


Thanks to Target Field Trip Grant – the Departmental classes were able to go on a trip to the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City. The students had a blast!

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"This school should be a model for statewide special education. Outstanding."

- A Forum Parent

"(My son) has already shown marked improvement and I relate that directly to his attendance at The Forum School."

- A Forum Parent